Smart Grid Research Consortium Webcasts & Presentations

This page was established to provide short information and background Webcasts on the Smart Grid Investment Model and its applications, the Smart Grid Research Consortium and a variety of smart grid topics. Check back to see new entries on this page.

Smart Grid Investment Model Introduction

1. The Smart Grid Consortium and a demonstration of the Smart Grid Investment Model

          Smart Grid Investment Model Demonstration (7:30 - minutes:seconds)

2. Issues facing smart grid vendors and role of the Smart Grid Investment Model in addressing those issues

          Vendor Applications (4:01)

Training Videos: Getting Started Video Series

Six training videos are provided below to familiarize users with Smart Grid Investment Model applications. These videos may also be viewed by individuals considering the model for application at their organizations either through inhouse application or as part of a turnkey project.

1. Modeling approach and model structure

          Modeling Approach and Model Structure (3:13)

2. Consortium-provided implementation activities completed prior to model delivery

          Model Implementation (3:43)

3. Workbook organization and navigation

          Model Organization and Navigation (4:34)

4. Procedures for evaluating finanial and hourly load impacts of smart grid technologies and programs

          Evaluating Technologies and Programs (9:41)

5. Scenario analysis including example applications

          Scenario Analysis (12:51)

6. Optional extended distribution system analysis add-in to provide substation and feeder level analysis and investment strategies.

          Extended Distribution System Analysis Add-in (1:28)

Presentation: Smart Grid Research Consortium/Smart Grid Investment Model

This PowerPoint presentation describes the Smart Grid Research Consortium, the Smart Grid Investment Model, and illustrates Model evaluations of several investment analyses and issues.

           Download Presentation