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Turnkey, Comprehensive, Ojective, Smart Grid Business Case Analysis

SGRC conducts smart grid business case analysis using utility-specific data and the Smart Grid Investment Model (SGIM), the industry's only comprehensive, enterprise-wide, quantitative cost/benefit model that applies individual utility smart grid hourly load impacts. A comprehensive report and onsite presentation document technology and program analysis and provide alternative investment strategies based on utility management objectives.

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In-house Smart Grid Investment Model Software Package  
Smart Grid Gateway

The Smart Grid Investment Model is available for implementation in-house at electric utilities, after an SGRC implementation and smart grid investment analysis has been completed. SGRC staff complete a basic Model implementation including incorporation of each utility's infrastructure characteristics, customer class monthly customers and kWh sales data, 8,760 hourly systems load data, monthly heating and cooling degree days and other information.

Each model is calibrated to utility-specific data including estimation of a monthly customer-class end-use hourly load forecasting submodel to reflect impacts of technologies and programs on system loads, power costs, avoided future capacity requirements and other financial items. Additional license fees are required for in-house SGIM implmentation.

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View the Smart Grid Investment Model Demonstration, February 10, 2012 (7 minutes, 30 seconds )