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2011 Smart Grid Conference

"Evaluating the Business Case for Smart Grid Investments"

Orlando, Florida       October 20-21, 2011  

A "Different" Smart Grid Conference.  The Conference's "Business Case" focus provided actionable information regardless of smart grid implementation status. The Conference was designed to provide input and advice on developing a smart grid business plan, comparison of strategies and how to improve the return on current smart grid investments.

Presentations from the 2011 Conference are presented below.

2010 Conference.   The Smart Grid Research Consortium hosted the first conference devoted to addressing the immediate needs of electric cooperatives, municipal and other public utilities concerning smart grid planning and investment analysis on November 8-9, 2010 in Austin, Texas. Electric cooperative and municipal utility members of the Smart Grid Research Consortium selected conference topics.

The agenda and presentations from last year's conference are available on the following link: 2010 Smart Grid Research Consortium Conference.