NEW: Utility Customer Cost/Emissions Benchmarking Widgets Provide a Low-Cost High-Value Customer Outreach Program


One of the most successful strategies for reducing system peak is to encourage utility customer energy conservation. The most effective motivator for these actions is to provide accurate customer-detailed information on current electricity costs and carbon emissions compared to similar customers and to identify potential savings.

Utility Customer Benchmarking Widgets provide your customers with accurate energy cost and emissions comparisons with similar customers in their ZIP code. Customer's cost savings and emissions reductions potentials can also be identified by selecting an efficiency improvement target. Widgets are easily installed with a button on your Web site and do not require access to your billing records.

Widgets apply data from a widely-used, comprehensive 7+ million record MAISY Utility Customer Energy Use Databases to provide accurate data on the population of customers within each ZIP code. Each Widget user's data on occupancy, dwelling unit and appliance details is matched with MAISY Database customer records to identify a range of electricity use and emissions of similar customers in that ZIP code to calculate accurate percentile rankings.

Customer satisfaction research shows significant positive impacts of utility-provided customer-detailed information like that provided by the Widgets. In addition, information on each Widget customer evaluation is provided in an automated email report providing valuable insights on customers who use the widget, supporting customer assessment and outreach initiatives.

Widgets are the lowest-cost customer SG/efficiency outreach program available today.

Widgets Summary

  • Install easily as a button or link on utility Web sites
  • Provide your utility customers with a comparison of their electricity costs and carbon emissions with similar customers in their ZIP code.
  • Provide the most accurate benchmarking evaluations by matching utility customer dwelling unit, occupancy, appliance and other characteristics to more than 7 million customers in the widely-used MAISY Utility Customer Energy Database.
  • Show utility customer cost savings and sustainability reductions based on new target energy use reductions
  • Increase customer satisfaction with one of the lowest cost outreach programs available
  • Do not require utilities to provide customer billing or other information
  • Provide automated utility email reports on each user session
  • Reduce system peak by emphasizing recommendations that reduce peak period electricity use
  • Increase utility program visibility
  • Provide both residential and commercial benchmarking
  • Provide electric only or electric and natural gas for combination utilities

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The MAISY Utility Customer Cost Benchmarking Widget reflects collaboration between the SGRC and Jackson Associates, publisher of MAISY Utility Customer Energy Use and Hourly Loads Databases. Click Here to see a sample of MAISY Energy Use Database Applications.

Smart Grid Business Case Analysis  

SGRC has completed smart grid strategy development and business case analysis for 20 municipal, public and coopertive electric utilities.

Smart Grid Research Consortium Executive Strategy Assessments guarantee savings in grid modernization strategies.

Executive Assessments are valuable for

  • utilities just beginning grid modernization as well as
  • utilities that are well along in the modernization process and looking to improve investment results

Assessments apply SGRC experience gained in 20 municipal, coop and public utility business case analyses along with information on over 200 smart grid applications compiled in the SGRC Smart Grid Experience Database.

"One-size-fits-all" grid modernization strategies often result in disappointing investment returns. Strategy Assessments identify opportunities unique to each utility to increase savings, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. Most smart grid initiatives can be improved to increase benefits and reduce cost. Reorienting investment priorities, reconsidering timing of initiatives to accelerate benefits of more attractive programs and delaying less attractive options can significantly boost returns. The most important consideration is to revise strategies to be more in tune with unique utility characteristics

Assessments provide executive-level evaluations of grid modernization strategies using basic information provided by the utility, data from the 7+million MAISY Utility Customer Energy Use Databases, along with utility data drawn from regulatory filings. Results include:

  • Utility-specific metering, customer engagement, demand response and CVR evaluations
  • Quantitative business case assessment using the SGRC Smart Grid Investment Model (SGIM)
  • Onsite presentation of assessment findings and recommendations including financial evaluations

Executive Assessment presentations and reports provide utility management and executives information on smart grid application costs and benefits to support planning, prioritization of projects and general assessments of smart grid options. Internal rate of return, net present value, payback, cash flow, cumulative net benefits and other financial measures are provided for smart grid project components including AMI (as appropriate), CVR, demand response and other applications.

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For More Information Contact:

Jerry Jackson, Ph.D.
Leader, Smart Grid Research Consortium
37 N. Orange Avenue, Suite 500
Orlando, Fl 32801
979-204-7821 (cell)